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Georges Rouault writes regarding "The souvenirs you requested regarding the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and on G[ustave] Moreau and others..."

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Georges Rouault

French painter and printmaker. Autograph Letter Signed. One page, recto and verso, 8 1/4 " x 10 5/8." No date. Rouault writes to an unnamed correspondent on the eve of his departure from Paris. Rouault writes in his hand in part:"Dear sir, I am leaving and I wanted to make absolutely sure that this will reach you and your cousin...Your cousin, I am sure, will be happy to have it. The souvenirs you requested regarding the Ecole des Beaux-Arts [foremost French art school] and on G[ustave] Moreau and others...I would like you to send me word on a card preferably before the end of the day so I can give them to you personally...I am leaving Paris for a while..." Signed "Georges Rouault" He then adds a postscript: "If you would prefer to keep the originals you can do this on the condition that it would be very exact [copies] and reviewed very carefully even if the brochure seems not in order as far as the syntax...aside from the spelling mistakes that you are authorized to correct..." Rouault studied under Moreau at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and became his favorite student. Gustave Moreau was one of the leading Symbolist artists. He was a pupil of Chassériau and was influenced by his master's exotic Romanticism, but Moreau went far beyond him in his feeling for the bizarre and developed a style that is highly distinctive in subject and technique. His pupils included Marquet and Matisse, but his favorite was Rouault, who became the first curator of the Moreau Museum in Paris (the artist's house), which Moreau left to the nation on his death. The postscript provides an interesting glimpse at Rouault's involvement in the publication process. Excellent content. In very good condition.

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