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Gene Roddenberry writes about STAR TREK and mentions Shatner and Nimoy

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Gene Roddenberry

American screenwriter and producer best known as the creator of the sci-fi series "Star Trek." Typed letter signed, on Warner Bros. Television stationery. 1 page, dated January 22, 1973. Roddenberry writes, in part: "At this time, I do not anticipate a trip East as I am deeply involved with two movies-for-television, one being edited and one about to commence filming...In the meantime, I would like to direct you to Mrs. Jacqueline Lichtenberg...Mrs. Lichtenberg is preparing a book on STAR TREK fandom and has already researched a number of the areas you mention. She may be able to help you in these matters more than I. Regarding interviewing Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy, I suggest you direct a letter to Mr. Nimoy at Universal Studios, 100 Universal Plaza...He has an office there. We have no address on Mr. Shatner" Signed, "Gene Roddenberry." Original transmittal envelope included. Also comes with an original vintage Star Trek - The Next Generation TV First Season Playback Schedule. The playback schedule is 3 pages and signed by Star Trek co-producer Bob Justman. Both pieces in excellent condition.

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