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Einstein Helps Heinrich York-Steiner, one of the founders of the Zionist movement and associate of Theodore Hertzl

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Albert Einstein

Influential physicist, author, and intellectual, known as the father of modern physics; winner of the 1921 Nobel prize for physics. Typed Letter Signed "A. Einstein," one page, 11" x 8ΒΌ," in German, Caputh near Potsdam, Sept. 10, 1931. To Mr. Heinrich York-Steiner in Vienna, a close associate of Theodore Herzl. York-Steiner participated with Herzl in the preliminary conference in Vienna, where the World Congress of Zionists was founded, and the Zionist organ was decided upon. York-Steiner succeeded in obtaining from Pope Pius X the promise that he would place no obstacle in the way of the Jews returning to Palestine. York-Steiner himself died in Tel-Aviv a few years after this letter was written. In this letter Einstein writes that he is enclosing the requested introduction by which he hopes that Mr. York-Steiner will fulfill his purpose. The introduction Einstein mentions is not present. Fine condition; one tiny rust spot at right edge. Einstein and York-Steiner had an ongoing correspondence during those difficult years and Einstein wrote a year before to York-Steiner that he hoped Zionism would unify all Jews. Einstein left his place in Caputh Germany in December 1932 for a lecture tour in the United States. On January 30, 1933, Hitler became Reich Chancellor and the downward spiral began. Einstein never set foot in Germany again and doubled his efforts to help Jews with introductions whenever he could.

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