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Patton writes: "I am taking three guns two rifeles and a shot gun 77 twenty two shells 20; 30-30 shells"

Category: World War II
Item Number: 13391
Price: $3,850

George Patton

American general and tank commander; called "Old Blood and Guts. Very early Autograph Letter Signed "Geo S. Patton Jr.," 1½ pages, recto/verso, 12" x 8." Lake Vinyard, California, circa late 1890s. To Aunt Nannie, his mother's sister. Ink stains, folds. Very good condition. In full, "We start for Catilena in two hours and twenty three minutes. Mama is all right now; we just got your letter. I had some ballast sacks made for my boat, the sacks are thirty in number and weigh when filled with sand from fifty two sixty pounds a piece. We got two water mellons but they were green. Dot and Marmion [Patton's horse] will be turned out to day. Dot?s shews are off. I am taking my foot ball clothes over but I don?t believe I?ll play; nor go to Hick Cocks this year. Harrie Mellon may be on your train, I am taking three guns two rifeles and a shot gun 77 twenty two shells 20; 30-30 shells. Lance is going over with us. The mosquitoes are very bad and often bight clean through the soul of my shoes. I got a new dres suit vest and a new shirt, I have just come back from a good-by ride on Marmion before he is turned out he is fine. The fifth eye-lash from the left-side of my right eye has a pain in the little toe of its left foot but the doctor thinks it is nothing serious. I have tolde you all the news. With lots of love…" George's father had bought land and built a cottage on Santa Catalina Island in early 1895. The Pattons would go by buggy from their home to Long Beach where they would board the boat to the island, about 20 miles off the coast of southern California. Although young Patton could not spell very well, it is obvious from this letter that he loved Catalina, since he was counting the minutes until they left. It is also obvious that he was already a sportsman and owned a veritable arsenal of weapons.

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