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James Watson interview on DNA and the Human Genome project

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James Watson

American molecular biologist and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA. Signed typescript of an interview. 1 page. 8.5" x 11." Signed "James D. Watson." The interview reads, in part: "Watson: DNA provides the information that makes possible our existence and the exisentence of every form of life. If you want to understand human beings in this very complete sense, you have got to understand the nature of DNA, how complicated it is, what sorts of instructions it carries... Q:...Can the public be convinced that the Human Genome Project is that important? Watson: There are really two basic forms of diseases that human beings suffer. One is infectious disease, and the other is genetic disease--a disease which results from imperfections in our genetic instruction. Working out the genetic instructions for human existence will make it much easier for us to understand the nature of all these genetic diseases..." Fascinating content from one of the founders of the Human Genome Project. In excellent condition.

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