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"Moses Strikes the Rock" Torah Scroll

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Moses Strikes the Rock Torah Scroll

Large ancient Manuscript hand-written Torah Scroll Fragment in the Original Hebrew Language on Deer Parchment. This hand-written fragment is approximately 400 years old and made from Deer skin. This Scroll came from Morocco, it is prized for its beauty of its soft deer parchment and its beautiful writing. Measures 21" x 13". Includes Bamidbar - Numbers - 19:19 - 21:21 which covers- Moses Strikes the Rock (Full story) - Water gushed out from the rock - Punishment of Moses and Aaron - Aaron's Death - When Moses prayed for the people - Song of the Well. The parchment holds its ink and the letters remain black and easy to read. The scroll has a beautiful warm brown color like scrolls that come from Morocco. This deep color is due to the process used in making the scroll, this process ages to a deeper color over the centuries. The color of the soft parchment and the letters of these fragments are so beautiful. Torah Fragments like these are extremely rare and seldom seen in synagogues or available due to their age. The Torah Scroll considering its age is well preserved.

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