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Supreme Court Justice Thomas Signed Majority Decision George W. Bush vs. Al Gore

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Clarence Thomas

Supreme court justice. Important Document signed. This a signed transcript relating to George W. Bush VS. Al Gore Supreme court Decision. 13 pages, Signed on page one, Headed: "Supreme Court of the United States. George W. Bush, Et Al.,Petitioner v. Albert Gore" The complete text of the court's opinion is there: " On December 8, 2000 The Supreme Court of Florida ordered that ...tabulated by hand 9000 ballots of Miami Dade County... net gains for Vice President Gore in Palm Beach County was 176 votes.. Much of the controversy seems to resolve around ballot cards.. The recounts in these 3 counties were not limited to so called undervotes but extended to all of the ballots. The recount process is inconsistent with the minimum to protect the fundamental right of each voter.. We reverse the judgment of the supreme Court of Florida ordering a recount to proceed. Seven Justices of the Court agree that there are constitutional problems with the recount ordered by Florida that demand remedy..." Great content on one of the most important Supreme Court Decisions in US History. Boldly signed on page one in ink "Clarence Thomas". Excellent condition.

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