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White House Situation Room Cufflinks

Category: Presidents
Item Number: 13168
Price: $250

Cufflinks White House

White House Situation Room Cufflinks. These are first time issue cufflink. These cufflinks come to you from the Situation Room, inside the White House. The Situation Room, is where the President meets with his chief advisors, and heads of the military when any domestic or International crisis takes place. The Situation Room, is probably the most secure room in all the White House. This cufflink has the magnificent Presidential Eagle in full color in the center. The dark blue rim have the words, "The White House" above the Presidential Eagle, and the words, Situation Room" below. This cufflinks measure 3/4 inch. In excellent condition and have never been worn. They come individually packaged in plastic bags and place in a white jewrely box.

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