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Eisenhower Gift from "The President's First Birthday in the White House"

Category: Presidents
Item Number: 13132
Price: $850

First Birthday WH [Eisenhower]

World War II Hero and 34th U.S. President. There is a tradition that the President "give" gifts at his Birthday Party. Very scarce Eisenhower PRESIDENTIAL BIRTHDAY GIFT. This gift is a Presidential Commemorative Plate, Dated October 1953, About 10 1/2" diameter, an attractive and high quality china plate with gold rim. Front of plate has symbol of intertwined dove with "The President's First Birthday in the White House" and Eisenhower's printed signature. On the back of the plate: "This plate commemorates President Eisenhower's first birthday in the White House. The Pennsylvania Dutch symbol of the intertwined dove signifies love and peace, for which our President firmly stands." A great piece of Presidential Memorabilia. In excellent condition. You had to be invited by Eisenhower in 53 to get this gift, otherwise here is your chance.

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