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General Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed Regarding the Allied Victory

Category: Presidents
Item Number: 13025
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Dwight Eisenhower

34th President and Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in W.W.II. General Eisenhower war date typed letter signed, one page, 6" x 8", "Headquarters European Theater, Office of the Commanding General" letterhead, dated February 19, 1944, General Eisenhower at that time was doing preparations for Operation Overlord. He correctly believed that this would decide the outcome of the war and lead to an Allied victory. Operation Overlord included the Allied landing on D-Day and the military Allied strike against German forces in Europe. Eisenhower was named Supreme Allied Commander in December 1943, which cemented his already experienced leadership over the various Allied forces. He employed a complex plan and aggressive tactics, but was managed to personally visit each unit involved in the invasion to show his support for their sacrifice. Only 3-1/2 months after writing this letter, Eisenhower oversaw the landing on the beaches of Normandy, followed by the invasion of Southern France. These successful invasions gave the Allies the foothold that ultimately allowed them to win the war the following year. Eisenhower writes: “Thank you for your letter and enclosure. I am delighted to see that you take such an active interest in an Allied victory. It was most kind of you to write and I appreciate your thoughtfulness….” Signed in his hand, "Dwight D. Eisenhower". Accompanied by the original mailing envelope. A single minuscule tear on the edge not affecting text or signature, otherwise, in excellent condition. Great content mentioning the Allied victory he hopes for.

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