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Jane Kean- Trixie Norton of Jackie Gleason writes to Pearl Bailey about "Hello Dolly!"

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Jane Kean

Jane Kean, American actor who played Trixie Norton on the Jackie Gleason Show writes a fan letter to actress/singer Pearl Bailey for her role as Dolly Levi in "Hello Dolly!" 1 page, 8 1/2" x 11", Dated "Feb. 10th". Kean writes in part: "Seldom have I written a fan letter - that takes a lot, for a fella performer to do - but I've never been quite as thrilled as I was, by your performance Thursday night. You were so "in" that character that I weeped, when you pleaded with your dead husband to leave you alone - rather, to let you go. It was a delight and a new show - I felt as if I'd never seen it before. You are truly Dolly Levi .."Signed, "Jane Kean" Hello, Dolly! is one of the most popular Broadway musicals ever written. It swept the 10 Tony Awards (out of 11 nominations), a record that remained unbroken for 37 years, Bailey was Dolly in the an all-black production in 1967 and won a Tony Award for it. Excellent condition

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