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Autographed letter signed by Wally Schirra regarding Tom Stafford

Category: Aviation
Item Number: 12325
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Wally Schirra

Wally Schirra was one of the first astronauts, and the only one to have flown on Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space crafts. Handwritten autograph letter from Wally Schirra. Schirra writes, "It was a great reunion for all of us. I particularly enjoyed it as I was patting Tom Stafford on the back (my #2 on Gemini). I look forward to inducting the Apollo crews as well. Then I will have covered my three flights." Signed, "Wally Schirra". This letter may refer to Tom Stafford's introduction into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame on March 19, 1993. In blue ink on white paper. In very good condition.

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