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Piece of the NASA Spaceship Columbia

Category: Aviation
Item Number: 12163
Price: $1,500

Spaceship Columbia

The NASA Spaceship Columbia has continued the pioneering legacy of its forebears, becoming the first Space Shuttle to fly into Earth's orbit in 1981. Columbia took its last flight on Jan. 16, 2003 but perished during re-entry on Feb. 1, 2003 resulting in the loss of the 7 person crew. Here is the circular metal knob flown with the Space Shuttle Columbia, marked with an open arrow on the top of the knob. The base is marked "FLOMATICS, INC. Model No. A-610. Comp Type 6." An attached tag reads "Cleaned by NASA KSC component Refurbished Labratory to: KSG 123E 300A." A small white sticker reads: "Installed Soft Goods not Subject to Age Control." This piece was marked as scrap but bears the serial number "1964 M". It measures 5" tall, and 2.5" x 2" at the base.

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