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Coppola's "The Godfather " Archive

Category: Hollywood
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Archive [The Godfather]

Coppola's epic masterpiece, The Godfather, winner of six Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. The sequel Godfather Part II, also won best movie of the year and is considered the best sequel in movie history. This archive includes 2 documents relating to the making of the film. Including a one page, 8" X 14" document dated "March 1974". In part, "Screen Actor Guild...Employment Contract...Producer: Francis Ford Coppola Productions, Inc. .. for the role of FBI man #2.. In a photoplay The working title of which is The Godfather, Part II. "Also included another similar Screen Actor Guild contract for "Godfather, Part II" for the role of Fanucci Attacker #1. Also signed by Garey for Francis Ford Coppola, Inc. Both agreements are countersigned by the actors. It is rare to find anything relating to the Godfather movies. Stapled in upper corner and filing hole punched on upper blank margin, very good condition.

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