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Bombardier Thomas W. Ferebee Signed Typescript Message From the Japanese Home Service After the Drop of Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

Category: World War II
Item Number: 11875
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Thomas Ferebee

Signed a typescript from the Japanese Home Service KON 630 KCS at 6:00 AM Tuesday 8/7 in part: “A small number of B-twenty-nines penetrated into Hiroshima city a little after eight AM yesterday morning and dropped a small number of bombs. As a result a considerable number of homes were reduced to ashes and fires broke out in various parts of the city...The enemy has exposed his cold bloodeness and atrocious nature more and more in killing innocent people by the use of this new-type bomb...It is believed that the enemy, being faced with difficult conditions, is feeling rushed to turn the war into one of short duration. As frequently pointed out in the past, the people must watch themselves against underrating the enemy simply because he has carried out raids with a small number of planes. The enemy has been carrying out large-scale propaganda on the effectiveness of this new-type bomb since using these bombs, but as long as we formulate strong steel-like measures to cope with this bomb, it will be possible to keep damage to a minimum...We must be careful at all times so that we will not fall victim to the enemy's machinations.” Signed at bottom "Thomas W. Ferebee," the bombardier who dropped the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in WWII. In excellent condition.

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