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Gunner of the Plane that dropped the Atomic Bomb: "Doc put me on little A bombs which didn't react to well.."

Category: World War II
Item Number: 11309
Price: $200

George Caron

Tail-gunner on the Enola Gay, plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed, "George", 2 pages, August 5, 1993, 8 x 11", Caron writes in his hand "...The news about your son must have been devastating ... Goddamn drugs are a curse to mankind concern for you was growing by the day .. if I could have afforded it, I would have grapped a plane and went down there. Bouts of severe depression must be terrible... I sure hope your doc can come up with something to help. Just last week there was a long story in the paper about PROZAC... I haven't been well... The damn bronchitis settled into walking pneumonia.. doc put me on little A bombs which didn't react too favorably..." Signed "George". In excellent condition.

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