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Frank Lloyd Wright Sends his Architectural Drawings

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Famous American Architect. Typed Letter Signed, 1 page, dated August 6, 1948, on "Taliesin" letterhead. Taliesin West was a complex of buildings, terraces, and pools near Phoenix, Arizona, evolved as the western home, workshop, and school of Wright. He writes to David Henken, an engineer and former Wright apprentice, of Usonia Homes. "Dear David, We are sending the Friedmans a little sketch that may amuse you - Nice to see Priscilla - Carry on." Signed boldly: "F. Ll. W." Usonia Homes is a planned community in Pleasantville, NY, which is composed of 47 homes built on a 100-acre tract of land. Wright devised the plan for the community and designed three of the homes himself and approved the designs for others. One of the houses Wright designed was the Sol Friedman house, which was built in 1948, the same year as our letter. The sketch Wright mentions sending to the Friedmans in this letter probably refers to his designs for their home. In excellent condition.

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