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Ayn Rand Signed Literary Rights to Her Work: "The Moral Factor"

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Ayn Rand

American writer who originated the philosophy of Objectivism. That rational self-interest should be the basis of action and that self-fulfillment is an individual's moral responsibility, with productive achievement is the noblest activity. Famous books include the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged In 1961, Rand collected her philosophical writings in "For the New Intellectual". Document signed, 2 pages, New York, June 16, 1976. A contract permitting the Palo Alto Book Service to print The Moral Factor, a lecture by Ayn Rand at Ford Hall Forum 1976. In part, "1. The lecture must be published... without any cuts or changes...2. The lecture must be published as a pamphlet of the same format as that previously used by The Objectivist, Inc...6. You will not sell the pamphlet to any political or sectarian bookstores or organizations, or to any organizations which have attacked me or the philosophy of Objectivism.." Signed "Ayn Rand". In excellent condition. In "The Moral Factor" Ayn Rand wrote some of her philosophy regarding war and oppressive governments, summed up in her statement : "Nobody has to put up with aggression and surrender his right of self-defense... When someone comes at you with a gun, if you have one ounce of self-esteem, you will answer him by force.."

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