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Seaborg 3 page handwritten scientific manuscript on a Scholarly piece on Analytical Chemistry of the Elements and Transplutonium Elements with Atomic Numbers 95 to 104

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Glenn Seaborg

Glenn Seaborg Nobel Prize scientist who discovered plutonium. Section head in the Manhattan Project. In Los Alamos Seaborg discovered isotope plutonium-239 and showed that it was fissionable with slow neutrons and hence plutonium-239 became the explosive material in the atomic bomb. This led to the plutonium part of the Manhattan Project. However in June, 1945, he signed the Franck Report, opposing the use of the bomb against a large city before the demonstration of its destructive power to the enemy. But President Truman ignored its suggestions and ordered the Bombing of Hiroshima. Seaborg later also discovered radioisotopes used to treat millions of cancer patients. Scientific Autograph Manuscript, 3 pages, in pencil on lined paper. Unsigned but entirely in his hand and with Seaborg's personal stamp at the top and the original envelope. The manuscript is a review of a piece of scientific scholarly writing monograph. Seaborg writes: "..a part of a series on Analytical Chemistry of the Elements prepared by the Vernadski Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical deals with the transplutonium elements with atomic numbers 95 to 104, inclusive and covers the literature through 1969…The title is misleading in that the monograph covers much more than analytical chemistry, to the pleasant surprise of the reviewer. The first chapter includes a brief account of the discovery of these elements … Included is a discussion of the radioactive proportions …of the most important (about 25 isotopes) of the methods of production… Included also is a discussion of the solid compounds and their methods of formation… Chapter III is devoted to the methods of analytical determination-radiometric chemical separation by ion exchange and solvent extractions… reactions with organic reagents… This monograph…would be a worthwhile addition to the library of…inorganic chemists." Unsigned. In excellent condition.

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