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Inventor of the Radio, Lee de Forest writes a scientific letter on the ohmic resistance of live structures

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Lee De Forest

Scientist and Inventor of the Radio. In 1915, using de Forest's prototype model, a signal was transmitted from Virginia to Paris. This is the beginning of radio. Typed Letter Signed on Personal Letterhead, 1 page, dated June 7, 1938 to Dr. Moses Eisenberg. De Forest writes in part "..we are unable to find any definitive data regarding the actual ohmic resistance of such live structures; the resistance of the dried bones and in cadavers is much too high to be of any value for your purpose. We can only say that the direct current resistance of the structures in which you are interested are probably of the order of 50 ohms or less. The high frequency resistance is of course a different quantity and probably somewhat higher..." Signed in blue "Lee de Forest". In excellent condition.

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