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Jewish soldier Alfred Dreyfus who was unjustly convicted of treason Rehabilitated Writes a Handwritten Letter Signed

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Alfred Dreyfus

Famous Jewish soldier in the French army who was unjustly convicted of treason. Many, including novelist Emile Zola, believed that Dreyfus was victim of a plot by anti-Semitic officers. in 1899, Dreyfus was pardoned and in 1906 the verdict annulled. Dreyfus' cause became symbolic of anti-Semitism. Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed, in French, one page, 6.5 x 8, dated December 8. Dreyfus writes “I thank you most warmly for the interest you have shown in my health, but alas it has not been great. I am at the end of the struggle with flu, and laryngitis which I cannot seem to get rid of. This coming Sunday, if my health permits, I am obliged to help in the distribution of prizes to the students at the School of Work because I am a member of the Board of Trustees of this school. I am, therefore, obliged to postpone the pleasure of coming to play bridge in your pleasant company until the month of January, I hope from now until then I will be finally cured and that the end of the winter will be more favorable to me.” Signed “A. Dreyfus”. This letter is interesting as it shows Dreyfus rehabilitated and a Trustee rather than a convict on Devil's Island. In excellent condition.

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