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Dreyfus Trial Historic Newspaper

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[Alfred] [Dreyfus]

Famous Jewish soldier in the French army, who was unjustly convicted of treason. Nevertheless, in 1899, Dreyfus was pardoned and in 1906 the verdict of the second court martial was annulled. Dreyfus' cause became a symbol against anti -semitism. Historic French newspaper, "Le Petit Parisien, Supplement Litteraire Illustre" dated Sunday, January 16, 1898, 12 x 18", 8 pages, front and back. The front page contains a large lithograph image of the Lawyers, and scenes from the sessions held by the Council of War with the headline "Dreyfus Affair - The council of War". The back also features an image with the caption "Sessions of the Council of War - Trial of Commander Esterhazy". In excellent condition.

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