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Irwin Shaw Signed Contract for 'Eight Yard Run' one of the best piece of football fiction

Category: Literature
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Irwin Shaw

Prolific American playwright, screenwriter, and author of international bestsellers, of which the best-known is THE YOUNG LIONS and RICH MAN, POOR MAN. Document signed, 5 pages, dated September 12, 1957 between CBS Television and Irwin Shaw. In part, "Author hereby grants the following rights to CBS Television with respect to the literary property entitled 'Eight Yard Run'. Signed on the last page in blue "Irwin Shaw". 'Eight Yard Run' was a short story by Shaw that is still considered on of the best piece of football fiction. It's about a college football player named Christian Darling who, just once, in practice breaks away for a stunning open-field sprint, eluding enemy tacklers, but whose life, almost from that instant starts traveling downward. Fifteen years after his rush of glory, Christian Darling is the guy who "went down to the nearest bar and had five drinks off to himself in a corner before his money ran out."

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