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Gunner of the Enola Gay ALS

Category: World War II
Item Number: 10259
Price: $220

George Caron

Tail-gunner on the Enola Gay, plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed, "George", 2 pages, on lines paper, dated April 7, 1993, 8 1/2"X11", to deceased autograph dealer Joe Fawls. Caron writes, "...Haven't heard from you in awhile - hope...your selling lots of autographs. ..I've been selling a few mushroom 8 x 10's [image of the mushroom cloud above Hiroshima due to the Atom Bomb] to friends...One time you told me you had a good photo shop that printed them up at a good price. I'd like to buy 5 or 6...Talked to Paul [Tibbets, pilot of plane that dropped the A-Bomb] a couple of weeks ago; he's back in Columbus. Clark is back selling his book...Paul said he's supposed to get a 50-50 split. He won't sign tho. He did sign the 2 for the wife and I..." In excellent condition.

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