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May 1945 NEWSPAPER German Surrender & Death Camps

Category: World War II
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German Surrender

ORIGINAL May 7, 1945 edition [ the day the war ended in Europe] of the Daily Advance, published in Lynchburg, Virginia. Lynchburg is quite close to Bedford, Virginia, a small town which lost a record number of servicemen (in proportion to its population) on D Day. The headline story begins, "Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Western Allies and Russia at 2:41 A.M. French time today." There is also an interesting separate article on the front page with the headline, NAZIS BURNED HITLER HOME." There is also a reference in a front page article to Britain and her old WWI mandates, such as Palestine. An article on an inside page reports on Oswiecim concentration camp in Poland where over four million people of various nationalities were killed. Very good condition with folds.

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