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Jean Genet Handwritten Letter about his Most Famous work "Our Lady of the Flowers"

Category: Literature
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Jean Genet

French writer and political activist with a troubled past of crime who later took to writing. He produced several autobiographical novels, in which he depicted the rejection of the bourgeois society that had repudiated him. These included his most famous novel "Our Lady of the Flowers" [Notre Dame Des Fleurs], ostensibly concerned with the trial of an young assassin. Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed, 2 page, on Terrass Hotel Paris letterhead, no date.. Important content letter about his most famous novel "Our Lady of the Flowers". Genet writes in his hand "Dear Madame, I was very happy to receive your letter in excellent French in fact. But I must regretfully tell you that Freschdun[?] has already translated N D [Notre Dame] des Fleurs in English and it is he who possesses all the rights to that language and for this book... regarding the movie, I have communicated your letter to the owner of the film.. he will write to you and will tell you a price. It is with him that you must deal. But I thank you for all your kindness and I hope to see you soon in Paris. In the meantime, I shake your hand in friendship. Jean Genet". Genet's letters are generally very scarce, however with one such reference to his book "Our Lady of the Flowers" is a great find.

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