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World Leaders

Prime Minister of England during World War II. Typed statement, signed "Winston S. Churchill," one page, 7.25 x 9.5, dated February 1957. Having led his nation through the perils of World War II, Churchill watched as an expansive arms race grew during the Cold War, once again threatening the peace of the world. Churchill had been one of the first to understand that a partnership was the only way for the United States and Britain to defeat Hitler. Churchill was in a special position to understand trans-Atlantic relations, as his father was a member of the noble Spencer family and his mother was an American, born in New York. He was granted honorary citizenship of the United States in 1963. Just a month before writing this letter, the former prime minister gave a speech in which he emphasized his belief that world peace depended on a strong friendship between England and the United States, and hoped that his legacy would include having achieved as much for peace as he had gained in war. This letter has great historical content on a topic near and dear to Churchill's heart, the partnership of the English-speaking world. For the first time ever, the British celebrated George Washington's birthday in style in 1957, for the benefit of the English-Speaking Union, an international educational charity founded in 1918. Although the elderly Churchill was unable to attend, the great statesman respected the organization's worthy cause of "furthering understanding and friendship between the English-speaking peoples," something he viewed as "now more important than ever." From La Pausa, Roquebrune, Churchill issues a statement. In full: "I send the George Washington Birthday ball all good wishes for success. The cause of the English-Speaking Union's Educational Trust is a most worthy one, and its work of furthering understanding and friendship between the English-speaking peoples is now more important than ever." Small separation along one of the horizontal folds, a punch hole to top left and some scattered light creasing and soiling, otherwise fine condition.

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Emperor of France and great military leader. 1 page Letter Signed in French and dated May 6, 1811. Writing to his Minister of War the Duke of Feltre, Napoleon writes (translated): "I am answering your report of the fifth of May. It is desired that the conscripts who are at Civita Vendina, Genoa, and Livorno are directed on to Corsica or the Isle of Elba, see that they are gathered in the cities where they are much needed." An additional slip with a notation in another hand is pinned to the lower left. He signs in his hand "N.p." This is a very unique letter, as it mentions two small islands on the globe that were crucial to Napoleon's destiny. He was born in 1769 on the small island of Corsica in the year that Corsica was transferred to France from Italy. After his defeat by the Alliance and his adieu at Fontainebleau in 1814, he was exiled to the tiny island of Elba off the coast of Italy. At the time of writing this letter, Napoleon was at the height of his power, and his empire was at its zenith; he could not have imagined that he would end on the small island of Elba mentioned here. Given the remoteness of both these locations and their sizes in the huge empire that Napoleon built, it seems unlikely that we would find another document mentioning both the island of his birth and the island of his exile together on one piece, making this a very special letter. An especially clean, attractive example from Napoleon at the height of his power. Central vertical and horizontal folds and trivial soiling. In fine condition.

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Queen of Castile 1474-1504 and a Catholic Monarch who ruled jointly with her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon. 1 page Document Signed "Yo La Reina," folio. Writing to the Kingdom's Treasury Office in Spanish, Queen Isabella directs her Treasury to officially register annual payments of six thousand maravedis apiece to brothers Anton and Gonzalo Galindo, residents of Caceres. Notably, the letter is dated 4 March 1503, during Christopher Columbus' final voyage to the Americas. Upon his return to Spain, Columbus would never again travel to the lands of his discovery. 11 years prior to this letter, in the infamous year of 1492, Queen Isabella made her most lasting decision as monarch by sponsoring Christopher Columbus's expedition, which intended to find trade routes to the Indies. While he did not discover a route to Asia, he did aide Spain in exploring and claiming portions of the Americas, called the "New World." His four voyages, funded by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, marked the beginning of the European exploration and colonization of the American continents, and are thus of enormous significance in Western history. Despite this, Queen Isabella ultimately cut ties with Columbus, imprisoning him and stripping him of his governorship because Columbus' personal economic interest in obtaining "as many slaves as could be sold…" ran counter to her ethics and politics. Queen Isabella decreed that all people of the New World could not be enslaved. On this date, Columbus and his crew were exploring Panama and establishing a garrison that gave Spain a foothold in the region. Measures approximately 8.5x12".With a hole corresponding to the seal space no longer existing, not affecting the text or signature. Written in another hand beneath the Queen´s signature `By the Queen´s mandate´. With borders irregularly trimmed, and a very small tear to the edge. Very good condition.

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Winston Churchill Signed Photo

Winston Churchill

British prime minister during World War II. Vintage matte-finish 3.5" x 5.5" black and white photo by Vivienne of London. Signed in the lower border in blue ballpoint, “W. Churchill.” A light brush to last name of signature. Very good condition. A fine portrait which captures Churchill’s determination.

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French Emperor who conquered most of Europe. Letter signed "Bonaparte", dated January 1, 1801, in French, page size is 13 1/4" x 8 1/2" on letterhead titled "To 1st Counsul Bonaparte, General 1st Counsul." Written by General Laurent de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, 9th division Commander, to Napoleon Bonaparte. One page, on "Liberte-Egalite" "Republique Francaise" letterhead with an illustration of the Greek goddess representing the Army. General Gouvion writes to Napoleon "..When you called on all the former servicemen, Voisins asked for a leave to the Finance Minister to do the campaign. The Minister praising his zeal granted it to him…and was drafted into the chasseurs of Bonaparte, 6th company.." Now wounded, he request to get his position back. On top of the letter, Napoleon replies that the veteran should come and see the 1st Consul on the 18th in Paris and signs in his hand "Bonaparte." Light scattered toning, overall in very good condition with a strong signature. At the time this letter, the 32 years old Bonaparte had just become ruler of France and First Consul. He had crossed the Alps into Italy, defeated the Austrians at the Battle of Morengo and 2 weeks after this letter on January, 15 1801 he signs an armistice, bringing temporary peace in Europe.

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Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 until her death. One of the most enduring and powerful world leaders of her time; a whole era was named for her. 15"x12" document promoting an Arthur Valentine Palmer, "Gentleman," to the rank of officer in the volunteer forces, dated October 16, 1886. Signed in black ink above blue wafer in upper left corner, "Victoria Rg." Matted in dual layer blue and purple silk moire with gilt accents, and framed in gilt wooden frame with printed color portrait and plaque for overall size of 23"x29". Vertical and horizontal folds with very light soiling. Signature a little light. Overall very good condition and an attractive presentation. Extra shipping charges apply due to beautiful large frame.

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King George III Signature

King George III

George III, King of Great Britain from 1760-1801 during both the American and French Revolutions. Ink signature, “George R,” on a slip of vellum measuring approximately 3" x 2". Dated in another hand 1809; a small handwritten slip lightly affixed explaining that the signature was written by George III “while growing blind in 1809.” In very good condition, with slightly irregular adhesion, ink a shade light but legible, and affixed slip as noted.

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Israeli politician, proclaimed the independence of Israel in 1948, headed the provisional government, and was later Prime Minister. Uncommon signed photo, 3.5" x 5.25" Sepia toned head shot of Ben-Gurion. Signed in blue ink across the bottom margin "D. Ben-Gurion". Signature a bit smudged, otherwise, in excellent condition.

Item Number: 11610
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Carte de Visite CDV of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar of Persia c. 1880. 4"x2.5" sepia photo depicts the shah seated confidently in full royal uniform, including elaborate jeweling on his jacket and headwear, with his jewel encrusted sword prominently displayed. Below the image is the photographer's imprint "W&D Downey." On the verso is the photographer's emblem "W&D Downey, Photographer to Her Majesty." Some minor scratches, including a small emulsion missing on the armchair. Overall very attractive.

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Argentinean statesman and President known for his powers of oratory and program of social reform - not to mention his extremely charismatic and highly ambitious wife Eva Peron. Document Signed, one page, 8.5 x 13", "Ejercito Argentino" letterhead, May 12, 1944. The document relates to appointments of officials. Signed in fountain pen, "Peron". In fine condition, punch holes to left side and several official notations and stamps.

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David Ben-Gurion

The first prime minister of Israel and its leading personality during the first 15 years of the Jewish state. Signed Typed Quoatation on, about 3 x 4". Signed "David Ben Gurion". In excellent condition.

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Beautiful Engraving of Mozaffer Ed Dine, Shah of Persia, published by Pellerin & Cie, circa 19th Century. Edges of the sheet with small imperfections, minor losses , Nice contrast in beautiful colors. In very good condition.

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Collection of four large, vintage black and white photos. The first three photos depict Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah of Iran and U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the lavish Crystal Room of the Palace of Tehran in 1959. Images are approximately 9.5"x6.5". These photos are taken during the Tehran Conference. The first and second images show the full landscape of the palace's Crystal Room, capturing its shimmering mirrored walls. The third image is a close up of the dignitaries. In all three, the Shah and President are accompanied by Queen Soraya, and Zahedi. The fourth photo shows the Shah and his new wife Farah Diba in wedding attire following their marriage in 1959. All 4 in very good condition.

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Polish Solidarity leader and winner of the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize. One page, 5 x 4", March 7, 1985. Short preprinted note, in Polish. Signed in his hand in blue ink "Lech Walesa". In fine condition.

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Italian fascist dictator known as "IL Duce". Best remembered for his involvement on the side of the Axis in WWII. His dream was to create a new Roman Empire. Document Signed, on official " Ministry of the War - Official Director General's Personal Office" letterhead, folio size, 1 page, dated September 29, 1927, Rome, in Italian. Document to Captain of Infantry for the proposed exchange suspension of Benincasa Giuseppe. Signed on the back, "Mussolini". In excellent condition with a strong dark signature.

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Italian fascist dictator known as "IL Duce". Best remembered for his involvement on the side of the Axis in WWII. His dream was to create a new Roman Empire. Signed Letter, on official " Ministry of the War - Official Director General's Personal Office" letterhead, folio size, 1 page, dated 27 September 1933, Rome, in Italian. Signed "Mussolini". In excellent condition with a strong dark signature.

Item Number: 10716
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Pair of Vintage Photographs of His Highness Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Emir of Bahrain from 1961-1999. First black and white photo measures 5x7" and is a striking portrait of His Highness the Sheikh in royal attire. The second black and white press photo, which measures 6.5x9", shows the His Highness the Sheikh with the French Prime Minister Jacque Chirac and President Giscard D'Estaing at D'Orly Airport, passing a military unit in attendance to honor the Sheikh on his arrival for an official visit to Paris. The visit occurred in March, 1976. Both photos in very good condition.

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Original black and white vintage photograph of His Excellency Sheikh Suhaim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatar's Minister of Foreign Affairs during the 1970s. Photo measures 5x6.5" and is dated 1975 on the verso. The press photo shows His Excellency Sheikh Suhaim bin Hamad Al-Thani dressed in traditional thoub and ghutra. In very good condition.

Item Number: 14822
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Original black and white vintage photograph of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, whose leadership was a driving force in the creation of the United Arab Emirates. Photograph measures 7.5x8.5" , circa 1970. The photograph shows His Highness the Sheikh seated, clad in traditional thoub and ghutra, in conversation. In excellent condition.

Item Number: 14823
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United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan. Autopen Signed Photo, 5" x 7" picture that has what I believe to be an autopen signature of on it. In excellent condition.

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Charles I. King of Great Britain until the outbreak of Civil War and his beheading in 1649. 1 page Letter Signed "Charles R" and dated November 15, 1628. Writing to the Viscount Falkland, Charles sends aid to a gentleman "by whom there are many debts due unto him from several persons, the recovery whereof by legal and ordinary course of proceeding would prove tedious and expensive." To mitigate these difficulties for the gentleman, Thomas Mall, Charles advises Falkland that he does "hereby authorize and require that you call before you such as are so indebted to him, and take such course as they may answer the debts that are justly due unto him." He signs in his hand "Charles R." Charles' extension of assistance to Sir Mall in the gathering of money owed to him ironically coincided with Charles I's own struggles with royal debt. Large fiscal deficits inherited from Elizabeth I and his father James I left Charles with limited funds for military and diplomatic efforts early in his reign; and for this reason, he had begun levying unpopular taxes and granting illegal monopolies in order to raise funds. One of his most controversial acts was the taking of Forced Loans, wherein he forcibly took money from citizens and called it a Loan to the Crown. By the time of this letter in 1628, Parliament had stepped forward in an attempt to override Charles' actions through the Petition of Right, which remains one of England's most important Constitutional amendments. According to the Petition, Charles had committed an overstep of authority and was barred from levying taxes without Parliamentary consent. A letter connected with the deeply ingrained struggles of Charles I's reign, which ultimately led to his trial and beheading. Letter measures approximately 8x12" and is affixed to a slightly larger page. Address panel included on second adjoining sheet. Some mild foxing and soiling, with mailing folds. In very good condition.

Item Number: 15006

A collection of 3 French Illustrated Magazines on Qajar Kings dated 1896, 1900 and 1909. The first two magazines are from the French "Petit Journal," published in 1896 and 1900. They include two colored magazine covers of Mozaffer-ed-Din Shah with accompanied articles. 12" by 17.5" Magazines are eight pages. The third magazine was published in the French " Le Monde Illustre" in 1909 and boasts photos of Shah Ahmed Mirza along with the article, "Chah of Persia Ahmed Mirza, The Revolution of Persia." 11.4" by 15." Magazine is sixteen pages. Both magazines in very good condition.

Item Number: 14410