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American Civil Rights leader. Martin Luther King Jr. Autograph Manuscript Page for Chapter V of his book, Stride Toward Freedom, with edits. 1 page, 8" x11", Montgomery, n.d. circa 1957. The Manuscript page is entirely written in King's hand, in ink (with edits also in his hand in pencil and in red). On top of the page King writes that this handwritten text should be inserted into separate paragraphs of chapter V. Martin Luther King Jr. manuscript page of his first book, Stride Toward Freedom, his first-hand account of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a milestone of the civil rights era. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, Alabama. Following the arrest of Rosa Parks on December 1st, 1955 for failing to give up her seat for a white passenger on a Montgomery city bus, plans were launched for a one day boycott of Montgomery buses beginning on December 5th. A planning meeting was held in King’s Dexter Avenue Baptist Church on December 2nd. Ninety percent of the black community refused to ride the buses on December 5th, prompting calls for boycott leaders to harness the momentum into a larger protest campaign. The campaign lasted from December 1, 1955 until December 20, 1956, when a federal ruling, Browder v. Gayle, took effect, and led to a United States Supreme Court decision that declared the Alabama and Montgomery laws requiring segregated buses to be unconstitutional.The event made a national leader of King and a national icon of Rosa Parks. Just months after the boycott's end, King was asked to write a book chronicling the struggle against Alabama's bus segregation laws. In the book, King discusses the racial tension in Alabama before and after the boycott and his personal beliefs in nonviolent resistance. "Stride" was published on September 17, 1958, to critical acclaim. In this manuscript page King reveals some of the people who were instrumental in implementing the Montgomery bus boycott, they were apart of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA). The MIA was formed on December 5th, 1955, four days after Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat. Its membership included black ministers and community leaders in Montgomery, Alabama. Under the leadership of King, the MIA was pivotal in guiding the Boycott. King writes in full: "Insert at end of paragraph two, p. 67- Other close associates who were later added to the board were Clarence W. Lee, a tall distinguished looking mortician, whose sound business ability became a great asset to the organization and Moses W. Jones, a prominent physician, who later became the second vice president of the MIA [Montogomery Improvement Association]. Insert at end of paragraph three, 21-A- after the words "proved to be of inestimable value" Richard Harris, a Negro pharmacist, was also a great asset to the transportation system. From the office of his drug store he dispatched cars by telephone from early morning till late evening. Visitors were always astonished to see him standing with a telephone at his ear dispatching cars and filling a prescription simultaneously." These edits are in the final version of his book. It is rare to find a manuscript discussing such a milestone event of the civil rights era in Martin Luther King Jr. own hand. As Martin Luther King Jr.'s first book, Stride Toward Freedom, brought King's nonviolent philosophy to millions of Americans and was instrumental in the fight against racial discrimination. Lightly toned. In very good condition.

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Influential and early civil rights leader. 1 page Autograph Note Signed and dated 1866. Measuring 5 x 4.25 ". Douglass writes in his hand in full: "I can love even an enemy if sure that he loves a loyal soldier.” He then signs boldly, "Fred: Douglass." 1866 was a major year for Douglass and his constituents in the push for black suffrage. Following a celebratory gathering in which 15,000 people gathered in the US capitol to celebrate Emancipation Douglass brought forward a delegation to officially meet with U.S. officials on the issue of suffrage. Though President Johnson vetoed the proposed act to expand the Freedmen's Bureau, Congress overrode his action and passed the measure. Our quote alludes to an address that Douglass gave twenty years earlier in London, when he said that ‘the first gleam of Christian truth that beamed upon my dark mind, after having escaped the clutches of those who held me in slavery, was accompanied by the spirit of love…I could not have injured one hair of the head of my worst enemy.’ Indeed, this speech and his written quotation attest to Douglass's commitment to the peaceful pursuit of civil rights, which would deeply affect and shape the work of future activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr. In very good condition.

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American Civil Rights leader. Signed book: Strength to Love. First edition. NY: Harper & Row, 1963. Hardcover with dust jacket, 6 x 8.5, 146 pages. Crisply signed and inscribed on the first free end page in blue ballpoint, “To Milton Gooch, With best wishes, Martin Luther King, Jr.” Autographic condition: fine. Book condition: VG-/VG+. Black cloth-covered spine and paper-covered boards; edges worn, with tears at corners; lightly rubbed and soiled with stain to rear; textblock edges yellowed; yellow staining scattered throughout. Dust jacket in protective mylar sleeve; small chips/tears and creases to edges; minor rubbing and soiling; minor yellowing.

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Famous Jewish soldier in the French army who was unjustly convicted of treason. Many, including novelist Emile Zola, believed that Dreyfus was victim of a plot by anti-Semitic officers. in 1899, Dreyfus was pardoned and in 1906 the verdict annulled. Dreyfus' cause became symbolic of anti-Semitism. Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed, in French, one page, 6.5 x 8, dated December 8. Dreyfus writes “I thank you most warmly for the interest you have shown in my health, but alas it has not been great. I am at the end of the struggle with flu, and laryngitis which I cannot seem to get rid of. This coming Sunday, if my health permits, I am obliged to help in the distribution of prizes to the students at the School of Work because I am a member of the Board of Trustees of this school. I am, therefore, obliged to postpone the pleasure of coming to play bridge in your pleasant company until the month of January, I hope from now until then I will be finally cured and that the end of the winter will be more favorable to me.” Signed “A. Dreyfus”. This letter is interesting as it shows Dreyfus rehabilitated and a Trustee rather than a convict on Devil's Island. In excellent condition.

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Malcolm X was a spokesman of the controversial Nation of Islam movement, led by Elijah Muhammad, during the 1950s and 1960s. A gifted writer and speaker, he quickly rose to prominence, even eclipsing his mentor Muhammad, until he broke with the group, disavowed their message of violence, and was assasinated by three of its members in 1965. Handwritten manuscript, in the hand of Malcolm X, appear to be the notes of Malcolm X for a speech during his tenure with the Nation of Islam. One page, unsigned, in red ink. Malcolm X writes in his hand, in fiery red: "No one knows white man better than servant, there the Black Man's powers. Sees W[hite] M[an] eat, sleep, knows his habits, his children, etc." FBI has ... info available to journalists.. Minister R.T. (Oakland) was 70 years old when became Muslim... Slave name was Ashford. Now 77 years old." . [He then lists a few names of Masons from Chicago and then adds:] "Whites can't attack Muhammad, but do put words into the mouths of Negroes dependent on them. Jew will not attack a Negro, but will use another Negro to put his program over. Jew has mastered the art of divide and conquer. He never shows his hand. Ideas planted at the dinner table..." Great content. Fine condition.

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American Author and abolitionist Her book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, galvanized the American North to the Anti-Slavery movement. Handwritten note on an thick off-white card with gilt edges measuring 6.75" x 4.5", signed “Harriet Beecher Stowe, Feb’y 20, 1888.” Stowe pens a religious quote. In full: “A noble Life--Rule—For this Life and Eternity, Trust in the Lord, And do good.” In fine condition. The phrase quoted here by Stowe, "A Noble Life," appears in her collected writings "And instances are not wanting of those who have turned away from the flattery of admirers to prostrate themselves at the feet of a genuine hero who never wooed them except by heroic deeds and the rhetoric of a noble life."

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Famous Jewish soldier in the French army, who was unjustly convicted of treason. Nevertheless, in 1899, Dreyfus was pardoned and in 1906 the verdict of the second court martial was annulled. Dreyfus' cause became a symbol against anti -semitism. Historic French newspaper, "Le Petit Parisien, Supplement Litteraire Illustre" dated Sunday, January 16, 1898, 12 x 18", 8 pages, front and back. The front page contains a large lithograph image of the Lawyers, and scenes from the sessions held by the Council of War with the headline "Dreyfus Affair - The council of War". The back also features an image with the caption "Sessions of the Council of War - Trial of Commander Esterhazy". In excellent condition.

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Original First Class Cake Fork from White Star Line, Silver Plate. House Flag also excellent. Rarely found in this condition. Silver pate in great condition. Obtained from one of the best collection of Original White Star Line, Titanic. Own a piece of an important historic event. 6 3/4" long by 3/4" wide. This is an actual White Star Line item, Not a reproduction. Comes with a book about the Last Dinner on the Titanic featuring illustrations of the fork. Excellent condition.

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Printed by Robert Barker (London: 1611). The/Holy/Bible,/Conteyning the Old Testa-/ment, and the New:/ Newly Translated out of/the Originall Tongues: and with/the former Translations diligently/compared and reuise d, by his/Maiesties speciall Com-/mandement./Appointed to be read in Churches./Imprinted/at London by Robert/Barker, Printer to the/King's most Excellent/Maiestie./Anno Dom. 1 sheet. Folio size. Covering the verses Psalm 71:3-74:1. First Edition of the King James Bible. Very good condition overall. Pages crisp and clean, with minimal foxing. Professional repair to bottom left corner. Large capital letter woodcuts.

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The first prime minister of Israel and its leading personality during the first 15 years of the Jewish state. Typed Letter Signed, 1 page, Letter is written while Ben - Gurion is head of The Jewish Agency and written 4 days after the "Biltmore Conference". The Biltmore Conference was called was held from May 6 to May 11, 1942 in the Biltmore Hotel in New York City. Ben-Gurion helped secure the adoption of the Biltmore Program, which called for fulfillment of the Balfour Declaration and urged the establishment of Palestine as a Jewish commonwealth. This conference was called at the initiative of Ben-Gurion, who had come to solicit the support of American Jews. Ben-Gurion was determined to seek a resolution that Jewish immigration to Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state would proceed despite British opposition. Weizmann, who objected to the idea of severing ties with Britain, was outflanked at the conference. The Biltmore Program adopted at the conference and approved by the Zionist General Council in November 1942 called for unlimited Jewish immigration to Palestine and control of immigration by the Jewish commonwealth. TLS, dated May 19, 1942, 5 x 8", on The Winthrop letterhead. Ben-Gurion writes, "Thank you so much for your message of sympathy. With kind regards, " Signed "D. Ben - Gurion". The Biltmore Conference was a turning point in the creation of Israel as it marked the turning away from British policies toward America as a main ally and it demanded unrestricted Jewish immigration to Palestine and that Palestine should serve as a Jewish State.

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Ancient Lamp from Judea 2nd Century AD

2nd century AD Judea Lamp

Ancient Lamp from Judea, 2nd century AD, and later. 3" x 2". Lamp has a molded design in discus (a sheep? among other objects), with dark red to brown slip. The lamp is inside a plastic display box with a wooden base. In excellent condition.

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Vintage19th century albumen photograph. 11" by 8.5" Unmounted. Very good condition with only minor loss of contrast in corner. Bottom reads "255 Eglise Ste-Anne et vue generale de Jerusalem. -- St Anne's church and general view of Jerusalem." and the photographer's mark "Bonfils".

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Original Vintage19th century albumen photograph of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem. Shows great details of Jerusalem's walls. The Golden Gate is the oldest of the current gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls. According to Jewish tradition, the Shekhinah used to appear through this gate, and will appear again when the Messiah comes. 11" by 8.5" Unmounted. Very good condition with only minor loss of contrast and minor creasing.

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One adult ticket to the the top of the "Top of the World-Trade Center Observatories". These are very rare as they were printed inside the world trade and they were used to go to the top without waiting in line, you would give up the ticket once you went inside. Dated August 18, 2001, only 23 days before the destruction of the towers. The ticket is blue printed on a image of the Twin Towers and The Statue of Liberty . In excellent condition. From 9/11 Charity auction.

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"Moses Strikes the Rock" Torah Scroll

Moses Strikes the Rock Torah Scroll

Large ancient Manuscript hand-written Torah Scroll Fragment in the Original Hebrew Language on Deer Parchment. This hand-written fragment is approximately 400 years old and made from Deer skin. This Scroll came from Morocco, it is prized for its beauty of its soft deer parchment and its beautiful writing. Measures 21" x 13". Includes Bamidbar - Numbers - 19:19 - 21:21 which covers- Moses Strikes the Rock (Full story) - Water gushed out from the rock - Punishment of Moses and Aaron - Aaron's Death - When Moses prayed for the people - Song of the Well. The parchment holds its ink and the letters remain black and easy to read. The scroll has a beautiful warm brown color like scrolls that come from Morocco. This deep color is due to the process used in making the scroll, this process ages to a deeper color over the centuries. The color of the soft parchment and the letters of these fragments are so beautiful. Torah Fragments like these are extremely rare and seldom seen in synagogues or available due to their age. The Torah Scroll considering its age is well preserved.

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Photo of the Fortress at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. This image of the Holy Land dates from around 1880. Vintage19th century original albumen photograph. In the foreground is a 19th century market with carriages, a camel, and traditional pottery for sale. However, most of the photograph shows the impressive Fortress at the Jaffa Gate. 11" by 8.5" Unmounted. Very good condition with dark crisp colors and nice contrast.

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This is a leaf from a large illuminated Safavid Persian Koran, most likely Shiraz, 1553-1554, on paper 325 x 220 mm. approximately 12.875" x 8.75". There are fourteen lines of Naskhi script, full vowels and diacritical signs in black ink, gold rondels seperate each verse, gold ruled borders and polychrome marginal devices that are stunning. Verso: fourteen lines of Naskhi script gold rondels seperate each verse and polychrome marginal devices. This is of fine qualtity amd most imposing example of the "Holy Book" from this period. Due to the age of this leaf and few leaves survived; the remaining leaves we consider it to be of fine condition. References: The Nasser D. K. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art (Vol. III) After Timue, 1992, David James Section 41 pp. 164-169.

Item Number: 13860
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The Second Tablets Torah Scroll

Second Tablets Torah Scroll

Ancient Manuscript hand-written Torah Scroll Fragment in the Original Hebrew Language on Deer Parchment. This hand-written fragment came from Yemen and is approximately 400 to 500 years old and made from Deer skin. It measures 22" x 5". The section covers - The Second Tablets - The Divine Glory, Shemot - Exodus - 32:20 - 34:22. The scroll has a beautiful very deep red color like scrolls that come from Yemen and are very rare as well. This is due to the deer parchment that is used and the process used in making the scroll. Scrolls of this type are no longer made and the process for making these distinctive scrolls has been lost over the centuries(See Photos on bottom) Torah Fragments like these are extremely rare and seldom seen in synagogues or available due to their age. This Torah fragment is prized for its beauty of its soft Gvil parchment and its writing. The parchment holds its ink well and the letters remain black and easy to read. The Torah Scroll considering its age is well preserved and in very good condition.

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Cypriote Greek lid from a pyxis, probably Cypriote, circa 500 BC., From the Cypriot Greek culture. The lid has some painted linear ornament. Approx. 3" diameter. Object is in excellent condition.

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Governor of New York. Document Signed, DS, partially printed, dated July 18,1825, Appointment Certificate addressed to The People of the State of New York. In part "..We have appointed and constituted, and by these Presents, Do appoint and constitute Philip H. Ruckhoub, Captain in the 21st Regiment of Infantry of our said state...". Signed "DeWitt Clinton" . Reinforced at folds but otherwise in good condition.

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DAVAR Hebrew historic newspaper 1 July 1948, LABOUR DAILY TEL-AVIV, with in headline, the proclamation of the Ene of British Mandate in Palestine Eretz-Israel, the last British soldiers left yesterday - Israel Jewish Navy entr in the Port of Haifa. This complete newspaper includes 4 large pages, size: 17" x 23", twice folded. Very good condition, minor cuts in the middle fold.

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Newspaper. Montana Butte Standard February 19,1934. Notorious outlaws of the Depression Era, Bonnie and Clyde wandered the southwestern US holding up gas stations, luncheonettes and small town banks. Striking bold front page banner headline reads: "Desperadoes Smash Way Through Manhunt / Shots Fired by Officers Miss Target/ Clyde Barrow, Notorious Texas Killer, Making Daring Escape by Auto / No Trace of Pretty Boy. " The article goes on to read : " During the round-up, in which Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd and Clyde Barrow were the chief quarry of the officers, several lesser hoodlums were arrested..." Excellent condition.

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A "slipper" lamp from the Byzantine period, in coarse pink-tan ware, with heavy earthen patinas. Plus, uncertain Near East, likely Late Antique Period 3 Century B.C. to 3 Century AD, in reddish terra cotta an amusing figural handle. Handle of a stylized boar, with beady eyes, straddling the topmost portion of the incise-decorated lid. Lengths: 3" - 3-3/4".

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Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Typed Letter Signed written 3 days before he took his seat on the Supreme Court. 1 page written on Stevens' United States Court of Appeals Stationary on December 16, 1975. Written to California Congressman James Rogan, who later served in the U.S. house of Representatives. Excellent Condition.

Item Number: 12636
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Newspaper. St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota, Thursday, May 10, 1934. Front page article heading: "AL CAPONE NAMED IN GLECKMAN TRIAL/ Government Seeks to Show St. Paulite Sold Chicago Rum Baron Alcohol." Left edge hole punches, otherwise in excellent condition.

Item Number: 5973
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Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Signed Supreme Court note card embossed with the Supreme Court Eagle seal, 5" x 3" and printed "Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, D. C. 20543, Chambers of Justice David H. Souter". Boldly signed "David Souter" in black ink.

Item Number: 12474
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November 30, 1934 edition of the "Boston Evening Transcript" with front page article on the shootout that killed George "Baby Face" Nelson (real name was Lester Joseph Gillis). Nelson was a bank robber and murderer in the 1930s, known as Baby Face due to his youthful appearance and small stature. Nelson was a part of the notorious Dillinger gang. After a massive police hunt had resulted in the killing of John Dillinger, only a few months ago, Nelson and the rest of the gang were labeled "Public Enemy Number One." As an outlaw, Nelson was responsible for the murder of several people, and has the dubious distinction of having killed more FBI agents in the line of duty than any other person. Nelson was shot by FBI agents and died after a shootout called "The Battle of Barrington" which is the subject of this article. The title of this article, "No Quarter to Young Widow of "Baby Face"" comes from the wording of an order from J. Edgar Hoover, ("...find the woman and give her no quarter"), which was widely interpreted to mean that the FBI had issued a "death order" for Nelson's widow, who wandered the streets of Chicago as a fugitive for several days, described in print as America's first female "public enemy". This front page newspaper article, which is so long it continues onto page two, reads in part, "...Federal agents today as they hunted Mr.s Helen Gillis, diminuative widow of George ("Baby Face") Nelson, leader of the rapidly diminishing remnants of the gang of the late John Dillinger...County and city police hoped to bring to justice John Hamilton, believed to have been with her and Nelson when a machine-gun battle at Barrington in which Inspector Samuel P. Cowley and Special Agent Herman E. Hollis perished in the Government's drive against the nation's public enemies." And, "Government agents stood guard at the morgue, where Nelson's body lay on the same slab that recently held John Dillinger..." And "Federal Agents believe Mrs. Nelson loaded guns for the outlaws in the fight with Cowley and Hollis." Scattered foxing and tears, with minor paper loss around the edges. Overall in very good condition.

Item Number: 14121
Price: $180

U.S. General. Head of all US Forces during the Vietnam War. Great content. Headed: "Gen. William Westmoreland - Commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam - CNN Interview." In part: "We had in fact replaced the French in that regard -- and we had advisers down to battalion level within the Vietnamese military structure. The problem at that time was not an invasion of the area by the North Vietnamese, but it was the erosion of the effectiveness of government brought about by the so-called "VC" -- the Viet Cong. It was not open warfare ... At the outset, the President made the statement that he would not geographically broaden the war, and that meant that military actions were confined to the territory of South Vietnam. The enemy was not operating under such restraints,...That gave the enemy a sanctuary... We were winning on the battlefield, but whether we were winning strategically is another matter..." Signed in black ink " W. Westmoreland". Great content and In excellent condition.

Item Number: 5231
Price: $180

1880s African American Ad Card

Circa 1880s Black Advertising

A folded trade card from the 1880s for Chase and Sanborn Coffee. Chase and Sanborn Coffee is an American Coffee Company established in 1862. It claims to be the first coffee company to pack and ship roasted coffee in sealed tins. The trading card features an elderly African American holding a Chase and Sanborn coffee can saying, "My missus says dar's no good coffee in these yer parts. Specs she'll change 'er mine when she drinks SEAL BRAND." The back of the trading card has instructions and a caution warning. Excellent condition.

Item Number: 12732
Price: $150

This Buddhist manuscript book was printed by wooden print blocks using black ink. The 20 page Manuscript written in Tibetan script and dating from 18th-19th century. Sutras are divided into a number of traditions. Some are almost completely philosophical in nature. Others are texts based on lives of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas outlining their vows for salvations. These have not been translated. Overall in good condition.

Item Number: 12654
Price: $125

New York postcard featuring the the World Trade Center Postmarked September 11, 2001- the day of the attack, postmarked by the Post office. The front of the card has New York skyline with World Trade Center in all its glory before the horrible terrorist attack, and the back was postmarked by the post office on the stamp the actual day the tragedy happened. Obtained form Freedom for America Auction benefiting victims family. in excellent condition.

Item Number: 9052
Price: $125

World Trade Center - Postmarked September 11, 2001

September 11 World Trade Center

New York postcard featuring the World Trade Center Postmarked September 11, 2001- the day of the attack, postmarked by the Post office. The front of the card has New York skyline with World Trade Center in all its glory before the horrible terrorist attack, and the back was postmarked by the post office on the actual day the tragedy, September 11, 2001. Obtained form Freedom for America Auction benefiting victims family. in excellent condition.

Item Number: 9084
Price: $125

This Buddhist manuscript book was printed by wooden print blocks using black ink. The 25 page Manuscript written in Tibetan script and dating from 18th-19th century. Sutras are divided into a number of traditions. Some are almost completely philosophical in nature. Others are texts based on lives of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas outlining their vows for salvations. These have not been translated. Overall in good condition.

Item Number: 12655
Price: $125

Historic newspaper. The New York Herald, dated June 7, 1857. Pg. 2 Arrival of Mormons in Philadelphia - 552 Saints arrive, all bound for the land of Utah - Among this vast hive of Norwegian Mormons are a high priest or President, and ten prophets - Full particulars. Some tape mends, otherwise in very good condition.

Item Number: 5862
Price: $95

Supreme Court Justice. Signed black/white photo, 6x9". Signed boldly in black on the lower margin below photo, " Clarence Thomas". In excellent condition.

Item Number: 8280
Price: $85

Press Pass from 1899 British and American operations in Samoa. Three leafs of paper. This press pass was issued at a crucial time during the British intervention in the Samoan Civil War. Pass is signed by Lieutenant G.E. Cave, permitting 'bearer Mr.Boyd, Correspondent of London Graphic, through lines fill further notice.' Some light staining. One leaf 6" by 4." One leaf 5" by 4." One leaf 4.75" by 2.4." Overall in very good condition.

Item Number: 13949
Price: $70