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Letter of Authenticy

All autographs are offered with a Letter of Authenticity from Max Rambod, Inc

We have been used as authenticity consultants by many well-known auction houses and other autograph dealers. With decades of experience buying and selling autographs, we have handled thousands of autographs. After having seen many absolutely authentic signatures we have the experience required to detect a forgery, secretarial, stamped signatures, printed signatures, autopen, or other non- authentic signatures. Max Rambod has published multiple articles on detecting authenticity in signed documents, many of which have been printed in national magazines.

We also check inks, papers, water marks and photo process, to see if they match what one should expect from that time period. We maintain one of the most extensive reference libraries in the industry. We have thousands of samples to compare to.

Every autograph we sell has been examined and comes with a Letter of Authenticity. Max Rambod himself is a respected authority in the autograph field and a member of the Professional Autograph Dealers Association (PADA), The Manuscript Society, a UACC Registered Dealer and IADA member.

All items we sell come with a written Letter of Authenticity.