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Building Your Private Library or Museum

Collect what you love. Acquire only the best. These are the two pieces of advice I give when someone comes to me asking how to start a collection. They’re the two most important anyway. There are many more rules, calculations, and bits of gut instinct I have picked up in over 20 years of building collections, but there’s no reason to trouble you with minutiae. My advice to you is simple: Collect what you love and you will find a continuing source of wonder in your collection. Acquire only the best and your collection’s historical importance will continue to grow. And let me take care of the details. It’s what I do.

The private libraries and museums portion of our business aims to personally assist in the development of your collection. You may desire to build a personal and intellectual legacy that will make your family proud for generations to come, or assemble a collection to one day welcome the public eye, and allow historians to study the great pieces of history under your stewardship. A collection of well-chosen fine photography can grace your walls while growing in value. Having assembled some of the most eminent collections in the United States for an exclusive clientele, we have the expertise to make your bibliophilic dreams to reality.

So what will you build? To borrow from Borges, your paradise could be the early works of the great writers of old, or the correspondence of heroes of the American revolution. It may record the history of flight, up, up…20 feet into the sky and perhaps all the way into space. The notes and letters of doctors laboring to cure diseases like smallpox, polio, and rabies which had seemed a permanent part of the human condition. Napoleon and the rise of empires in his own hand. Martin Luther King and a peaceful conquering of the human heart. Artists, photographers, novelists distilling the story of a generation with a stroke or a phrase.

In our first conversation we will determine where your interest lies. After that I will present you with the finest examples available for acquisition, according to your budget and requirements. We will fine-tune your want list as we build your collection. Join our other distinguished clientele and call to schedule your free library, fine photography, or museum-building consultation.