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The Distinguished Collector

Afavorite pastime of Napoleon, Goethe, Brahms, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin Roosevelt, was the collecting of letters and manuscripts. Even Caesar and Cicero kept collections. Stewardship of written history engages you in a continuing conversation with the world’s greatest minds and most famous personalities.

Letters and other documents may also be contained in a book format clamshell, or framed for display. Your manuscript and rare book needs can be addressed through Max Rambod’s personal library building services. We can help guide you in the building of your collection, based upon your own unique areas of interest. You can be as involved as you choose, or leave the work to us. Over the years we have built many world class collections of manuscript letters and photographs focusing on Americana, authors, innovators, scientists, U.S. presidents, artists, Hollywood icons, Civil War generals, photographers and first edition books.

“Unquestionably my favorite among the collections are the autograph… documents….Such documents give us in many ways a better conception of a person than it is possible to get from a formal portrait or, in later years, from a photograph. They remind us that these are more than historical figures—they were people pouring their hopes, sadnesses, reactions and directions onto paper. Their letters and documents are what make flesh and blood of key figures in our country’s history.” -- Malcolm Forbes, More Than I Have Dreamed