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Max Rambod Inc. is one of the largest autograph dealers in the world, where you will find thousands of historical documents, autographs, letters, signed photos and manuscripts in all fields: U.S. Presidents, Civil War, World War II, Science & Medicine, Aviation & Space, Arts, Photography, Literature, Music, Royalty, Hollywood and More.

All Autographs are offered with a written 'Letter of Authenticity', so you can buy with confidence.

Max Rambod himself is a respected authority in the autograph field and a member of the Professional Autograph Dealers Association (PADA), The Manuscript Society, a UACC Dealer and IADA member. He has written many nationally-published articles. He was also a monthly columnist for the Autograph Collector Magazine's "Autograph Authenticity Column." Max has also written extensively for the Pen & Quill on all issues relating to autograph collecting. His articles include "How to Tell Authenticity," "How to Establish Value," and many other subjects.

If you have not found what you want, send us an email with your want list. We have many items that are not yet listed here. From Washington and Lincoln to Marilyn and Diana, we will find it for you. We also maintain want lists and we will let you know when we get something new of interest to you. For a more comprehensive experience, you can choose our library building services, where you can benefit from expert advice in planning the growth of your collection, and receive personalized offers on pieces specifically chosen for your collection.

Most the time this is a fixed price internet catalog. From time to time, we have a Mail, Phone and Fax Auctions. During our auctions you can bid on over 1,000 items. Please read terms and conditions of the auction before bidding. Bidding constitutes acceptance of our auction terms and conditions. Bidding is simple and easy. To find out more about how to bid, go to Auction FAQ.

Aside from our large selection of original historical letters and documents, we also offer Fine 20th Century Photography and 19th Century Photography,Rare Books, Presidential Memorabilia, Civil War Photography, Space Memorabilia and Hollywood props. Look in your category of interest on the left column for these items.

Sell us your autographs, we offer you premium prices. We buy thousands of items every year. You can sell us your entire collection or one single quality item. We are always buying documents and autographs all over the word. It is easy and fast to deal with us. We have a stellar reputation that is our most valuable asset. We offer you top prices and send you immediate payment anywhere in the world. Call us and find out how easy it is. Get a hard copy illustrated catalog by filling out the contact us form.